2017 BCS America Power Harrow - 21'' Power Harrow


BCS America
Power Harrow - 21'' Power Harrow



BCS offers 21'' and 32'' Power Harrow options for bed-style gardening operations. The Power Harrow is manufactured by Thivierge of Quebec and is the preferred seedbed preparation tool by many market gardeners.

While the traditional BCS Rear-Tine Tiller mixes the soil with its vertically rotating tines, the Power Harrow's knives turn horizontally, stirring the soil like an eggbeater.

The goals of this implement are the following:

* Helps preserve soil structure by creating a larger particle size than that produced by the tiller * Reduces weed seed germination by not bringing a new generation of seeds to the surface * Gently levels and compacts the bed with its metal mesh roller

Now featuring the exclusive adjusting "Josephine" lever, the Power Harrow is easy to turn at the end of rows. The easy-to-use lever enables the operator to quickly reach the transport position at the end of the row. After the turn, the desired depth is re-established by returning the lever handle to its previous notch.

The 32''size is perfect for the 30"- wide growing beds that are popular among market gardeners. Its compact length gives it a close center of gravity to the tractor, thus very manageable to maneuver.

The Power Harrow's tine depth can be easily adjusted from 0 inches to 5 inches and also includes an integrated tang at the PTO connection point.

The integrated tang has a wider bolt hole for the female tractor bushing, which provides a side-to-side "float" on uneven terrain. This integrated tang also means a Quick Hitch bushing is required to mount to all BCS tractor models.

The gentle compaction of the mesh roller improves the performance of mechanical seeders. The roller also benefits the landscape industry by leveling uneven ground.

The 21'' Power Harrow fits models 722 and up. The 32'' version fits models 732 and up. We also recommend 12'' wheels when coupled with models 749 and up.

Required Accessory: Bumper Weight Kit for easier turning at the end of the row. Due to the Power Harrow's integrated Tang, a Quick Hitch Bushing is required.

  • Easily adjusts from 0 inches to 5 inches.
  • Stirs the soil, like an eggbeater, to preserve soil structure.
  • Prevents weed seeds at deeper levels in the soil from being brought to the surface.
  • Metal mesh roller provides precise depth setting and helps level ground.
  • Perfect for popular 30''-wide growing beds.
  • 32'' and 21'' widths
  • 200 pounds


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